Lakefair Realty and Property Management is unique in the Greater Houston Area...

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    Participation in the Marketplace

    - We do not only manage properties, we invest in commercial, multi-family and single family properties.
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    New Construction

    - We have extensive experience building commercial, multi-family, and single family properties. We can find land and develop a project for you, or work with the assets you have.
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    Long term holder and manager

    - We believe in buying/building and holding. We have leveraged projects with debt and successfully paid them off over the last 15 years. We believe it is the only way to guarantee results in real estate.
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    Real Estate Broker

    - We are a real estate brokerage and our clients benefit from our access to the marketplace.
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    Finding Strong Returns

    - If you listen to anyone in the marketplace they will tell you what they think makes the best returns. The truth is its always changing commercial isn’t always better than residential. Since we participate as a builder, property manager, investor, and real estate broker; we are uniquely qualified to find high return projects for our clients.


Here is a selection of new construction and remodeled homes we have done in the past.


Here is a selection of new construction commercial projects we have done in the past.


Here is a selection of assisted living projects we have done in the past.

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  • Assisted Living 2
  • Assisted Living 3
  • Assisted Living 4
  • Assisted Living 5
  • Assisted Living 6
  • Assisted Living 7
  • Assisted Living 8
  • Assisted Living 9


Here is a selection of multifamily we have done in the past.